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Immigration Law Firm

Hello!  Welcome to, the immigration website of Atty. Roderick F. Alberto and Atty. Rodney J. Alberto, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM.

To understand the spirit of THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM, a short family background is helpful. We were born of immigrant parents who used the U.S. Immigration Laws to come from the Philippines, to build very successful businesses, and to raise a family.  In short, through the efforts of our immigrant parents / entrepreneurs, this Brother-Based law firm is a participant in the Great American Dream.

Now, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM represents individuals, families, and businesses who wish to attain this Great American Dream.

Whether you are…

  • - A long-time resident who feels it is time to become a Citizen of the United States of America.
  • - A U.S. Citizen who wishes to bring their fiancee or spouse into the U.S. as soon as possible
  • -U.S. family members who wish to re-unite with family members abroad.
  • - An HR professional or Small Business who relies on foreign-workers to succeed and remain competitive at the national or local level.
  • - A health care professional or institution that wishes to bring medical expertise to the United States.
  • - An Immigrant who believes their immigration status may have been affected by criminal activity.
  • - An (detained) individual who the Government is threatening to deport.
  • - An out of status immigrant who is looking for a way to remain in the United States…

…The  ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM has the education, resources, and experience to help you navigate through the maze of Immigration laws and regulations, including the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Code of Federal Regulations, and applicable USCIS operations and field manuals.

Please review the services we offer to get a more detailed descriptions of the services we offer.

Please call or use the contact form at the top of every page to give us a preview of your immigration question or problem.  THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM looks forward to working with you!