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While it is often easy to overlook, the U.S. was built by immigrant workers.  Throughout history, various immigrant worker groups have contributed to the construction of our country’s infrastructure and the development of many local economies throughout the United States.

Today, this tradition continues.  More than ever, U.S. Small Businesses and HR Professionals of larger companies increasingly rely upon foreign workers to fill labor needs that are not satisfied by the local economy.  Either there are not enough workers, there are no willing workers to perform various jobs, or the available workers do not have the requisite knowledge, education, or experience to perform the required job.

To satisfy the objectives of our business clients, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM understands that there is no “one-size fits all” solution.  Businesses must balance the competing business objectives of prevailing worker wages, skill requirements, and employee qualifications and traits.

If you are a Small Business Owner or HR Professional that requires access to the international labor pool, please reach out THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM to set up a consultation.  We will assist you in reaching you and your prospective foreign-employees reach mutually beneficial goals.