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○ Appealing Rejected Applications

Every so often, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM encounters client who either (a) filed an application by themselves or (b) filed an application through a non-lawyer or inexperienced lawyer.

Not surprisingly, these applications are too often rejected by the USCIS (the Immigration Service).

THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM counsels these clients as to the best course of action needed to remedy a rejected application.  Very significantly, a rejected filing only affords the applicant a limited time in which to appeal or file a motion to re-open.   Also, appeals or motions to re-open require a more sophisticated evidentiary or legal response that is beyond the capabilities of a layperson.  Obviously, the previous attorney or non-lawyer’s services are generally not considered, as the client’s trust in that professional’s ability has been undermined by the poor result.

While not all applications are the fault of the client or the professional who initially filed the case, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM can offer much needed assistance to individuals whose applications are rejected.

Very significantly, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM has stepped in at the darkest hours of the immigration process to salvage the case.  In many of these types of cases, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM has been able to obtain the desired green card.  Many of these clients are even now U.S. Citizens!

If your case has been rejected, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM encourages you to reach out to us to set an initial appointment to see if any thing can be done to help salvage your application so that you have the best change of obtaining the immigration benefits you desire.