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○ Bringing Fiancees / Spouses / K Visas

THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM represents fiancees and spouses who wish to live indefinitely with their U.S. Citizen spouse. These applications are formally known as immediate relative petitions, K-1, and/or K-3 petitions.

We help our engaged and married clients to find an immigration solution that will enable their loved one to: (a) enter the U.S. as soon as possible (b) minimize the risk for immigration violations and (b) authorize their loved one to work as soon as possible.

As we have represented many applicants for such visas in the past, we understand that the U.S. Citizen is primarily concerned with processing times.

With regards to processing times, THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM has noticed a distinct pattern by the Immigration Services – that these fiancee or spousal applications are put into two processing piles: (a) “streamlined” or (b) “slow”.

Individuals who represent themselves or who retained inexperienced attorneys are generally put into a “slower” pile. These applications get held up, as the USCIS generally puts these applications through a strict auditing process that can take months to resolve.

THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM, on the other hand, has developed quality control processes to produce successful applications that are generally streamlined.

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