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○ Obtaining Work Authorization in the U.S.

While every country goes through economic downturns, the United States of America still has the most vibrant economy and opportunities for hard-working and talented employees all around the world.  We are nation of big ideas, doers, and entrepreneurs.

THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM represents workers who wish to obtain Work Authorization in the U.S., so that they can unlock the mighty power of the U.S. dollar for their families!

Because foreign workers have a variety of resumes, educational backgrounds, professional skills, and experience, there is no “one-size” fits all visas.

THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM advises its clients as to what working visa may be appropriate in light of the client’s educational background, work experience, immigration objectives, and familial background.

If you need assistance in obtaining work authorization, please contact THE ALBERTO BROTHERS LAW FIRM to schedule a consultation to discuss your work authorizations.